Tim McGraw Said Faith Left Him "Concussed" After One Slap Scene In 1883

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Tim McGraw says he loves working with Faith on set of 1883 but she may have gone a little too hard during a on screen fight. He talks about coming to Atlanta, new music and the Carly Pearce/Faith Hill potential duet!

McGraw is heading out on the "Standing Room Only" Tour a few weeks. He said they start staging everything for the show and picking out the songs in a little over a week, "that's always fun when you're putting the show together on the stage and figuring all that stuff out". As far as picking which of the 47 #1 hits to play on stage, he said "yeah that's the tuff part,.... but you just try to create an experience for everybody to enjoy from the time you start till the time you finish."

McGraw isn't currently filming for his hit show 1883 but recalled a time with Faith on set where she may have gotten a little TOO into the part. He said she went to slap him for a scene an "I was expecting you know a good slap, a finger slap... but I got a palm slap so that left me concussed for the next 10 takes". All the well though, he loves working with his wife on set and enjoys doing the show.

Now there have been rumors that Carly Pearce wants to duet with Faith Hill this year. Carly is on tour with Tim McGraw so the chances may be high but would Tim confirm?

Listen to it all here:

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